The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!  The journey began in 1990 when our son Craig was born.  We knew nothing about having a child with a disability or how to best help him.  Over the years, God has done an amazing work through our son Craig.  Doctors said he would never walk, but God had different plans for Craig and through prayer, therapy and lots of hard work, at age 8 Craig began to walk. Craig does not speak with words, but there is no doubt he communicates through his eyes and actions.   There have been many challenges over the years, tears shed, disappointments and victories and we have become stronger because of Craig.  At age 28 he has and always will be our beautiful boy!

We came to South Africa 10 years ago as missionaries to plant churches in the townships of Cape Town.  We never imagined God would use Craig to start a center for those with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.  To God be the glory – great things He has done!  Simanyene Center began with our son Craig and two other young adults who needed a stimulating program and purpose for their lives.

Simanyene Center is now 5 years old and educates, loves and cares for 22 children/young adults with disabilities in the township of Nomzamo.  A residential home is being built to provide permanent care for those who are neglected or families cannot take care of them.

Craig 1

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